Blog Tour: Writing and Motherhood by Lucy Clarke


The idea for my fourth novel, LAST SEEN, came to me shortly after having my first baby, a beautiful little boy called Thomas Oak. I’d worried that my creativity might fade beneath the weight of sleepless nights and the admin of being a new parent – but in truth, I felt more creative than ever. I picked up my pen when Thomas was a few weeks old and I suddenly felt like I had a wealth of new experiences and emotions to share.

My husband and I co-parent. We’re both self-employed (he’s a professional windsurfer and creator of, so we split our working day in half: he looks after the children in the mornings while I write, and then at lunchtime we switch. Although I no longer have the luxury of a full day to write, I use my morning slot with a focus born from necessity.

Six months into writing LAST SEEN, I fell pregnant with my second child, a little girl called Darcy Wren (cue dashing from desk to bathroom in the throes of morning sickness). It was a race against time to finish the novel before she was born, but I signed off the copy edits a fortnight before my due date.

The two lead protagonists in LAST SEEN, Isla and Sarah, are mothers. I think the novel is heavily influenced by the deep well of emotion that parenthood opened in me. Now I’m busy working on my fifth novel, alongside bringing up Darcy and Tommy. Both of my roles – writer and mother – are weaved into the fabric of who I am, and I can’t imagine life without either of them.

19424083_863633683787695_4389404165942464136_nLucy with a copy of her bestselling novel, LAST SEEN

Top 10 Celebrity Tattoos by Jay Crownover

Top 10 celebrity tattoos

(This is hard for some reason rich people don’t really invest in good ink)

1. I love Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo on her middle finger


2. Justin Bieber got wings on the back of his neck…ugh they are so dope


3. I think Ruby Rose’s Archer tattoo on her hip is adorable


4. Pretty much anything on David Beckham looks good because it’s on David Beckham


5. I actually really like the Rock’s giant tribal piece that covers his arm and shoulder


6. Anything on Tom Hardy because it’s on Tom Hardy!


7. Cary Hart has the Welcome to Vegas sign tattooed on his tummy and it’s pretty cool


8. I’m out of real people so fake people…I love all the tattoos on the Chaos guys from KA’s biker series

9. I love Bambi in the Stone Cold series by JLA…it comes to life dude!!

10. And of course I can’t leave out Nash’s dragon from my own Marked Men series because who but me would write a hero with an almost full body tattoo….lol


Perfect Daughter: Guest Post by Amanda Prowse

Blog Tour final

Today I have the lovely Amanda Prowse on my blog for the last day of her new book Perfect Daughter Blog Tour.  Here Amanda talks about Why she has the best job in the world but also why she started writing.



I think I have the best job in the world. Well, having said that, I’m assuming there isn’t a job that consists of ‘tasting chocolate that actually makes you thinner!’ – must check that out.

I always wanted to write. As an avid reader of books, my initial reaction when I completed one was always ‘I could do better than that!’ or ‘I wish I had written that!’ This had always been my measureometer (yes, this is a word. Well, it is now!) for as long as I can remember.

As a child, growing up in a busy, chaotic house full of brothers and their mates and music and noise, I liked nothing better than to curl up in a quiet (ish) corner and get lost in a book. As a teenager I remember reading The Thorn Birds and getting my first real book hangover, re-playing the story and thinking about the characters that I had grown to care about. I knew that if ever I could write a book and make people feel that way, it would be my greatest achievement.

Life kind of got in the way of following my dream. I worked hard, raised my offspring, and paid the bills, head down, like a hamster on a wheel. It was only when I got sick that I realised that this is my one time around the block, what do I really want to do with it? And the answer was the same as it always had been; I wanted to write stories!

I took the plunge and the rest is history. It has been a journey full of rejection, disappointment, penury and angst, but now, to see my titles lined up on the shelf and the different covers from different countries, I feel an amazing sense of pride.

My latest book ‘Perfect Daughter’ is one of my favourites, it’s the story of an ordinary woman living a busy life that is short on ‘space, time and physical affection’ it’s a look at what happens when you wake up, look in the mirror and realise that everything you might have dreamed about may not come true. It’s also a story about learning to appreciate what you do have and learning to take joy from the small things…

Described by one critic as;  ‘Prowse again delivers a rollercoaster of a read that doesn’t disappoint. Like all her books, it took me through a whole raft of emotions. Perfect Daughter is every woman’s story.’

Perfect Daughter is out today and I am currently reading, it is fantastic, a must buy!
Amazon Hardcover Copy £9.00
Kindle Version 59p!!! – Bargain!

About Amanda Prowse:

Amanda Prowse is a bestselling novelist with an incredible 155k followers on Twitter. On Remembrance Day 2012 Amanda Prowse made headlines with her debut novel Poppy Day. She received widespread military support, celebrity endorsements and appeared in newspapers and on TV sofas everywhere. Amanda donated all her author royalties to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. This was followed by 4 more novels ‘ Clover’s Child’, ‘What Have I Done’, ‘A Little Love’ and ‘Will You Remember Me?’.  As well as writing she was Writer in Residence on ITV’s This Morning in 2013.

Amanda now has seven novels and a number of short stories under her belt, including the no 1 bestselling What Have I Done?  Most recently, Amanda penned the critically acclaimed A Mother’s Story, which dealt with the issue of post-natal depression. 

Amanda is an ambassador of The Sepsis Trust. Sepsis kills more people in the UK than breast, bowel and prostate cancers combined – over 37,000 people with a cost to the NHS of £2.5 billion a year. Sepsis is a life threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. In September this year, Amanda will release a book called ‘Three and a Half Heartbeats’ and all profits from the novel will go directly to the Sepsis Trust.

Amanda is married with two children. They live near Bristol.

Connect with Amanda on Twitter at @MrsAmandaProwse, on Facebook and YouTube and at